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Summit Bible College is proud to offer a wide range of bible college programs to prepare people for their God-inspired ministry of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. True to our mission and vision, these programs are developed in-house by professors who all have Masters degrees along with ministers with an outstanding track record of active leadership in ministries. 


Discover your calling and develop a deeper relationship with God through our academic programs.


Associate of Biblical Studies

Learn more about the Bible and seek a better understanding of the Gospel! This is the entry-level course for beginning students, consisting of 20 classes in total. Throughout the program, you will be learning more about the Old Testament and the church’s history, and gain a new perspective on the values of discipleship and worship, among many others.


Students must take all 20 classes, unless they have transferable credits in theology or humanities, or if they have the equivalent ministry experience.


Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of theology students may choose an emphasis in pastoral studies, counseling, missions, evangelism, and worship leadership.



Minister’s Fellowship

Join your fellow ministers in a fulfilling life of ministry! Our Minister’s Fellowship program trains, licenses, and ordains ministers. Through our program, you will have a sense of belonging as you share accountability with one another as you take on the mission of spreading the Gospel across the globe. Apart from a license or an ordination certificate, you will also receive an official membership card recognizing your membership worldwide.


Christian Counseling Program

Follow a fulfilling life of giving help to troubled souls and leading them back to the path of God with a degree in Counseling. Our Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Christian Counseling may serve as a stepping stone for a meaningful career as a professional counselor, ministry employee, or life coach. Please note that depending on the program you are pursuing, you will be required to take a minimum number of counseling classes before receiving your degree from Summit Bible College.




Master’s and Doctorate Degrees

Those seeking more profound knowledge of the Word of God, or those who wish to become better leaders and counselors, can enroll in our Master’s or Doctorate programs in Theology, Divinity, or Ministry.  Our classes are divided into six different categories:



Know the fundamentals of counseling by taking classes centered on Christian values and ethics.


Leadership and Pastoral Studies

Equip yourself with the knowledge and perspective you need to become a good Christian leader.


Missions and Evangelism

Gain a better understanding of Missions to spread the Gospel around the world.


Christian Studies

Renew your appreciation of Christianity with a closer look at the Gospel’s history.


Worship and Prayer

Become a better minister or leader, and guide your ministry through worship and prayer.


Graduate Studies

Contribute to the growing academic literature on Christianity with your Master Thesis or Dissertation.


Please keep in mind that Bachelor’s degree holders must take 10 classes, in addition to their thesis, to receive a Master’s degree. Master’s degree holders must take eight classes, in addition to their dissertation, to receive a Doctorate.





Our programs are offered year-round and are available to anyone in the world. Contact us to begin your journey toward a brighter and more meaningful life with God!


Associate of Biblical Studies (ABS)

102 Basic Bible Survey I: OT*
104 Strategies for the Harvest
207 Soteriology
214 Church History I: The Early Church

2nd Quarter–January 2 to March 16
105 Knowing God’s Voice
107 Bible Survey II: The Gospels & Acts *
109 Spiritual Warfare
113 Healing and Wholeness
204 Call of God and the Anointing

3rd Quarter–April 1 and June 15
108 Bible Survey III: The Epistles*
201 Biblical Ethics
202 Leadership & Personal Discipleship
205 Israel and End Times
208 Lifestyle of Worship
209 The Five Fold Ministry

110 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
112 Introduction to Apologetics
203 Personal Revival
206 Prayer & Fasting
210 Kingdom of the Cults

Bachelor of Theology, or Ministry Degree

Fall Quarter
306 Systematic Theology (Core)
307 Christian Counseling Foundations (Coun)
415 Setting the Vision (Ldr)
416 Team Leadership (Ldr)
421 Modern Missions (Miss)

Winter Quarter
309 Christianity and the Islamic Worldview (Core)
400 Communicating the Word of God (Core)
401 Faith Based Networking (Ldr)
413 Family Counseling Issues (Coun)

Spring Quarter
301 Biblical Worship (Worsh)
303 Christian Worldview (Core)
402 Equipping Believers for Ministry (Ldr)
412 Marriage Counseling (Coun)
441 Introduction to Leadership (Ldr)

Summer Quarter
302 Church History II (Core)
308 Psychology & the Mind of Christ (Coun)
407 Christian Apologetics (Core)
442 Biblical Leadership (Ldr)

Master or Doctorate Degrees

501 Crisis Counseling
502 Biblical Counseling
503 The Christian Counselor
505 Overcoming PTSD
555 Growing Through Divorce
601 Christian Counseling Ethics
602 Personal Discipleship
603 Christian Counseling Care

Leadership and Pastoral Studies
510 Leadership Development
512 The Servant’s Heart
513 The Leaders Mindset
514 Christian Business Leadership
515 Church Formation & Restoration
516 Team Development
610 Advanced Leadership
611 Apostolic Calling
612 Pastoral Leadership
613 Forming a Non Profit Org

614 Ministry Building

615 Setting the Vision

Missions and Evangelism
520 The History of Missions
521 Fundamentals of Missions
522 Personal Evangelism
620 Principles of Missions
621 Advanced Missions
622 Anthropology of Missions

Worship and Prayer
530 Worship Filled Life
531 Advanced Prayer
532 Advanced Fasting
630 Charismatic Prayer
631 The Worship Leader
632 Adv. Worship Leader
633 The Theology of Prayer

Christian Studies
540 Christology
541 The Hebrew People & Christ
542 The Tabernacle
640 Advanced Christian Apologetics
641 Hermeneutics
642 Eschatology
643 History of Revival
644 Spiritual History of the Church
645 Introduction to Greek I (Local Only)
646 Biblical Hebrew I (Local Only)
647 Introduction to Greek II (Local Only)
648 Introduction to Hebrew II (Local Only)
653 World Religions
654 Charismatic Spiritual Warfare
656 Systematic Theology II
Graduate Research, Studies, and Projects
700 Practicum: Thesis for Master Degree
800 Practicum: Dissertation for Doctorate

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