Master or Doctorate Degrees in Theology, Divinity, or Ministry


For those with a bachelor degree or equivalent, ten of the classes below are required for a master degree in addition to the thesis. For those who have a master degree or equivalent, eight classes are required for a doctorate in addition to the dissertation. The student chooses the courses appropriate to the degree emphasis from the list below.

If your emphasis is theology or ministry, 50% of your course load must be in the area of your emphasis. For example, if your emphasis is counseling, then you need at least 50% of your classes in counseling. If you are a doctorate of divinity candidate, you must take at least one course from each of the categories below.

Degrees in ministry require that you take practical courses on ministry plus an extra practicum if you have no ministry experience.

Ministry experience and qualification for concurrent programs: Summit Bible College does give credit for ministry experience and coursework from other colleges. Students may qualify for a concurrent program. Please submit a ministry experience form available on our Web site.

Note: Students in the continental United States are given 2 classes at a time.


501  Crisis Counseling

502  Biblical Counseling

503  The Christian Counselor

601  Christian Counseling Ethics

602  Personal Deliverance

603  Christian Counseling Care

Missions and Evangelism

520  The History of Missions

521  Fundamentals of Missions

522  Personal Evangelism

620  Principles of Missions

621  Advanced Missions

622  Anthropology of Mission

Worship and Prayer

530  Worship Filled Life

531  Advanced Prayer

532  Advanced Fasting

630  Charismatic Prayer

631  Worship Leadership

632  Advanced Worship Leader

633  The Theology of Prayer

Leadership and Pastoral Studies

510 Leadership Development
511 The Christian Leader
512 The Servant’s Heart
513 The Leader’s Mindset
514 Christian Business Leadership 515 Church Restoration

610 Advanced Leadership
611 Apostolic Calling
612 Pastoral Leadership
613 Forming a Non‐Profit Organization

Christian Studies

540  Christology

541  The Hebrew People and Christ

542  The Tabernacle

543  Biblical Archeology (local class only)

640  Christian Apologetics

641  Hermeneutics

642  Eschatology

643  History of Revival

644  Spiritual History of the Church

645  Introduction to Greek (local class only)

646  Introduction to Hebrew (local class only)

653  World Religions

654  Charismatic Spiritual Warfare

Graduate Research

700 Master Thesis
800 Doctoral Dissertation