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Master or Doctorate Degrees in Theology, Divinity, or Ministry


Master Program: For those with a bachelor degree or equivalent, ten of the classes below are required for a master degree in addition to completing the Test Out.


Doctorate Program: For those who have a master degree or equivalent, eight classes are required for a doctorate in addition to the Test Out.


Summit also has a Master/Doctorate concurrent program available for students who qualify. For more information on the requirements for the Master and Doctorate program, please download our catalog or speak to an advisor at 661-328-1151.

50% of your course load must be in the area of your chosen emphasis. For example, if your emphasis is counseling, then you need at least 50% of your classes in counseling. If you are a doctorate of divinity candidate, you must take at least one course from each of the categories below.    


Once you sign on to the college, your advisor will help design an academic program to ensure that you are taking the correct classes based on your degree, emphasis, and ministry goals.


Below are a few of the classes we offer each quarter for graduate students. For the full listing of classes, please download our catalog.

Spring Quarter

506 Marriage Counseling

551 Christian Coaching II

510 Leadership Development

642 Eschatology

Fall Quarter

514 The Christian Business Leader

603 Christian Counseling Care

615 Setting the Vision

620 Principles of Missions

Summer Quarter

501 Crisis Counseling

511 The Christian Leader

640 Advanced Apologetics

Winter Quarter

540  Christology

541  The Hebrew People and Christ

542  The Tabernacle

543  Biblical Archeology (local class only)

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