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SBC Christian Counseling—-Levels of Endorsement

I. Requirements for a Degree and Licensing for a Church Employee (For Worker at a Church or Ministry) (This is at an organization desiring to train multiple employees.)

  1. Bachelor in Christian Counseling

  2. Minimum of 7 classes in Counseling at SBC

  3. Your local Pastor’s blessing and appointment

I. Requirements for a Degree and Licensing for a Private Practice (for an individual)

  1. Master in Christian Counseling – Minimum 5 classes in Counseling at SBC (depends on your undergraduate work and other factors at placement).

  2. License with Summit Bible College

  3. License with the AACC

  4. Bond by the AACC or comparable institution

II. Special Counseling Centers and Ministries

(Requirements for Ministries are dependent upon the ministry and its resources. Group rates are available.

Please contact your advisor.)

Courses for Christian Counseling

(Core courses are in bold – See Descriptions below)


307 Christian Counseling
308 Psychology and the Mind of Christ 

212 Dependency on Christ
311 Overcoming Chemical Dependencies

Course Descriptions:

307 Christian Counseling -This overview course covers discipleship counseling and the basics of counseling for deliverance from satanic oppression, depression and past hurts. It trains in methods, dialogue and techniques.

308 Christian Psychology – Psychology is the study of the mind. This class reviews psychology’s pitfalls and gives credence to the concept that psychology can only be correctly understood under the light of God’s Word and Christian principles.

212 Dependency on Christ—This course is a course on how to break bondages by bonding to positive influences from others, from scriptures that speak of the truth of who we are in Christ and from looking within to the delivering truth of God’s Word.

311 Overcoming Chemical Dependencies—This class discusses the Christian heritage of the AA program and using the 12 step program with scripture from God’s Word. It is in a workbook format and counselors are expected to go through the program understanding the necessary path to recovery from the view of a person who has had problems with addictions.

411 Youth Counseling -This course teaches biblical youth counseling. It covers ministry to individuals, youth groups, counseling centers and high schools.

412 Marriage Counseling -This class reviews marriage on a biblical basis, instructing counselors on how to increase communication, interviewing couples, and practical methods of identifying problems and identification of successful attitudes. It covers marriage and ways to regenerate a marriage through the Word of God. It is in a workbook format with exercises for married couples.

413 Family Counseling Issues –This could be one of the most important Christian classes because of its relevance to what God expects for the family. It covers parent/child relationships and teaches how to raise a godly family.

499 Practicum in Major – The student must keep a journal over the ten week quarter on their experiences working within a ministry in one of the following areas: Pastoral, Counseling, Missions or Worship.

501 Crisis Counseling – This class describes behaviors that have developed because of the fast pace and stress of our society. It teaches practical ways of dealing with crises in groups and individuals. This is a management course for those dealing with people who are having anxiety, who may be verbalizing or acting out their fears in violent or abusive talk or physical anger.

502 Biblical Counseling – This class distinguishes between biblical and secular counseling. The Word of God is quoted throughout the text cultivating three fundamental skills for the Christian counselor – allowing patients to tell their story, choose their goals and practice changes in their lives.

503 The Christian Counselor – This course covers the Christian Counselor and describes how he or she can network with other agencies for helps. It also includes forms for every aspect of a private practice.

601 Christian Ethics – This course offers formal counseling and technical guidelines in dealing with ethical issues, concerns and accountability. It reviews legal requirements and examples of proper practice.

602 Personal Deliverance – This counseling methodology class trains the Christian Counselor on how to help counselees overcome spiritual darkness by taking them through systematic steps in breaking bondages and strongholds that have come up because of spiritual attacks, generational curses, habitual sins, unforgiveness, fear, or other hindrances. The counselor will know how help counselees know the fullness of Christ.

603 Christian Counseling Care – This course covers counseling issues for the 21st century including process, ethics, emotional issues, addictions and impulse control, and grief and trauma matters such as job loss, PTSD, sexual abuse, and abortion.

© Summit Bible College. All curriculum is the property of Summit Bible College, and may only be used by authorized students. Questions and answers may not be shared with other individuals, in or out of the college, without the expressed written consent of the college administration.

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