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Vision: SBC is a One-Stop Center for Training Ministers and creating Ministries.

It is also our Vision to become a public Christian Center that will influence and eventually restore our communities to Biblical Values.


Our Public Christian Center includes;

  • A 24/7 Prayer Chapel

  • Classes and Offices for Affiliate Ministries

  • Family and Crisis Counseling

  • Missionary Training Dorms

  • Chaplaincy Training

  • Audio – Visual Studies

  • Theater and Fine Arts

  • Music, Worship and Dance

  • A Physical Fitness Complex

  • A Conference Center


Mission Statement: “Equipping Christian Leaders to Help those in need.”

Our mission is to give a Bible-based, quality education to the Body of Christ at an affordable rate, preparing people for their God-inspired ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our bylaws are set up so that we will be here until the Lord returns, so, you will be able to take our classes no matter where you reside in this world. We are preparing today’s Ministers in areas such as Crisis Counseling, Faith Based Organizations, Missions in the 21st Century, Church Administration, Systematic Theology, and the Call and Anointing of God. These classes are based on the proven ministries and study of Godly men and women.

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