Associate of Biblical Studies (20 classes)

This is the entry level for beginning students. All 20 classes are required, unless the student has transferable credits in theology, humanities, or equivalent ministry experience.

Transfer credits may provide up to 50% credit toward the ABS program, but there is no change in fees. If a student has more credit than 50% of the ABS program, he or she may qualify for as Associate/Bachelor concurrent program where two degrees are awarded when the higher degree is completed.

You may begin your pursuit of an ABS degree at any time, but the classes are only offered in the quarters below. All dates are approximate and are subject to change. Class work is due two weeks after the quarter ends. If you are a new student beginning in the middle of a quarter, you will be given an extra quarter to complete your work.

1st Quarter (Fall)

September to December

102 Basic Bible Survey I: Old Testament
104 Strategies for Spiritual Harvest
207 Soteriology
214 Church History I: The Early Church

3rd Quarter (Spring)

April to June

108 Bible Survey III: The Epistles
201 Biblical Ethics
202 Leadership and Personal Discipleship
205 Israel and End Times
208 Lifestyle of Worship
209 The Five Fold Ministry
204 Call of God and the Anointing

2nd Quarter (Winter)

January to March

105 Knowing God’s Voice
107 Bible Survey II: The Gospels and Acts
109 Spiritual Warfare
113 Healing and Wholeness
204 Call of God and the Anointing

4th Quarter (Summer)

June to September

110 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
112 Intro to Apologetics
203 Personal Revival
206 Prayer and Fasting
210 Kingdom of the Cults