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We Are a Non-Denominational Christian Institution Serving Students World-Wide!

Summit Bible College qualifies for state and private rehabilitation funding. Contact us!

We enroll continuously year-round, take a look at our 2018 Calendar.

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Online Bible College USA, Christian Online Bible CollegePastors class with an accelerated program.

We have a program specifically designed for pastors and those working in ministries. It is customized to fit the busy schedule and accelerate one towards a successful degree.

Please see our ministers page.

Additional questions, Call us at 661-328-1151.

One of our newer program is the Christian Coaching studies. This is a dynamic growing profession that would take one to places they never imagined. View the video of the class session. Additional questions, Call us at 661-328-1151.

Online Bible College USA, Christian Online Bible College

Alumni Students We are proud of our past students and their accomplishments.

We have an Alumni page with information and a newsletter. We love staying in contact with all of our Alumni! Contact us for additional information. 661-328-1151.

Summit Bible College has an excellent chaplaincy program. We have many studies in all areas to be a chaplain. Please view our chaplaincy class.  If you have any questions, please call your advisor at 661-328-1151.

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