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Our Focus: Your Equipping and Activation

  • We are committed to equipping ministers for practical leadership careers in and out of ministry.

  • Since 1996, we help you work for secular or Christian organizations.

  • All of our faculty has a Master degree or higher, and they all have current ministry experience.

  • We have licensing and certification for Ministry, Counseling, Chaplaincy, and Coaching.

  • We help you if you want to create or partner with non-profits.


Flexible Acceptance: Credits/Experience

  • All students must have a High School Diploma or GED degree. (California state law)

  • We admit students on their relationship to Jesus Christ, not academic scores.

  • We credit any degree work that you have done from accredited and non-accredited colleges.

  • We credit for ministry and/or life experience for class credit.

  • We credit classes or degrees from anywhere in the world.

  • Your transfer credits can be in any field

Mountain Peak

Flexible Programs: Choose how you want to learn!

  • You can attend classes locally, ‘live’ online, or by video.

(We use or you can choose a variety of videos.)

  • You can take classes by "independent study".

  • You can do Graduate Assistant work for credit.

  • We have an 8 week quarter format four times per year.

  • We have a special FAST TRACK program for ministry leaders.

  • You can take some classes through seminars.

  • You never have to travel for classes or graduation.


Financial and Spiritual Blessings

  • Your spouse gets free tuition.

  • You can pay it in full and receive a 10% discount.

  • We have financial aid based on what you can afford.

  • Active Ministers or ministry helpers get a 50% discount.

  • We have classes that are ‘hands on’ regarding impartation and activation for your gifts and callings.

  • We have a world renowned vision program to help you write a Vision Statement and Mission purpose.


“Equipping Christian Leaders to Help Those in Need.”


For a typical Undergraduate degree,
compare your costs:

We have:

  • The most affordable, quality online Christian degree program in the world.

  • Low down payments and monthly interest-free plans.

  • Special rates that meet your ability to pay off your account.

  • 50% off if you are a minister or work for a church or ministry.

  • Free spouse tuition.

  • Discounted books on Amazon.

  • Tuition for the whole program not ‘per year’ like most colleges.

  • Degrees you can finish in 12-18 months and we give you a discount if you finish under 18 months.


SBC $9,000 For the whole program, no matter how long it takes you to graduate!

Earn an affordable private education online or on campus with SBC








What Our Students are Saying:


Dr. Andre Lee Thurman
Doctorate in Theology

God has been great in using SBC and Doctor Victor to prepare and direct leaders of today for national and international ministry I never realized what God was preparing me for at summit but he placed the right instructors in my path who divinely prepared me for a ministry that I would not have been prepared for if it was not for their prayers and their ability to teach sound doctrine. God bless you Doctor Vic and all of the facilitators who guided me and prayed over me and no doubt imagined for me what I could not have seen for myself, God bless you all.

Financial Aid

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