Taking The Gospel To All The World

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns! – Isaiah 52:7 N.L.T.


SBC Minister’s Fellowship trains, licenses and ordains ministers.  In a changing world the church needs to be visible and effective in utilizing new methods of winning souls.  The Minister’s Fellowship has been established so that ministers like you may have a sense of belonging, and may share in accountability before one another in the presence of the Lord.  As a member of the Minister’s Fellowship, you will be forming a closer bond with us and the other members of this fellowship from around the world. You will receive a license, or an ordination certificate, an official membership card that recognizes your membership worldwide. You will also be able to access a special Ministerial Hotline, where you can call in your prayer requests and leave special messages for us to keep in close contact with you.


Download our application

sbc-min-application & Release_form

  • Complete the Application Package and mail it to SBCMF, 2525 M St., Bakersfield, CA 93301. You may download and print this from at the link above.
  • Include a one time $50.00 application fee for processing and administration.  This is a non-refundable fee and does not count toward your annual dues.
  • We also require a background check, please download the Release form above.
  • A Credential File will be opened upon receipt of your application package.
  • At this time an evaluation will be made of all your transcripts and your application.  All references will be called and a recommendation will be made.  We may suggest that you take further classes through Summit Bible College to qualify for a Minister’s License.
  • A temporary Minister’s License will be issued upon recommendation of the President of SBCMF,  following a six month time period the candidate will be issued his/her permanent license or will be issued his/her ordination.
1. Be faithful in pursuing the call of God as a minister of Jesus Christ.

2. Walk closely to Him in holiness and godliness, being obedient and faithful in character.

3. Promote Summit Bible College and our Ministerial Fellowship as is possible – be willing to tell others who could benefit from our services.

4. Include a statement of affiliation with Summit Bible College on your stationary and promotion materials – including Internet pages.

5. Stay in touch periodically. Email works best.

6. Credentials are renewable at the beginning of each year, to be accompanied with a report of ministry activities during the past year. The report form will be mailed to you from our offices.

7. Faithfully pay your dues.

8. Frequently pray for us and for all of our ministers, and to ask God whether you should tithe or donate extra offerings to Summit Bible College.

We are a fellowship with no denominational ties. We are based on mutual love for Jesus and each other; and concern one for another, not ownership or dictatorship. We will be involved in our members’ lives as they want or require by circumstances. We desire to encourage and assist in the fulfillment of God’s call in our minister’s lives. We also affiliate churches and ministries, taking responsibility to assist when there is any difficulty or changeover that requires outside help. We expect to be received as an authority, should a need arise for correction. And we will expect that the area of corrective actions we recommend, be acted on.

Requirements to Become licensed or ordained
We do not require agreements on all points of doctrine, but we will insist on members being:

  • Born again
  • Seeking to do God’s will in every area of their life
  • Having a valid calling and active ministry
  • Having a teachable spirit
  • Committed to being an active part of Summit Bible College Ministerial Fellowship.

To become Licensed with SBCMF we require a certain amount of Bible College Classes. We will take into consideration years of ministry experience and seminars too.  A Licensed Fellowship Pastor is required to have an AA degree or equivalent.

To Become Ordained with SBCMF we require a certain amount of Bible College Classes.  We will take into consideration years of ministry experience and seminars.  An Ordained Fellowship Pastor is required to have a BA or equivalent.

Minister Fellowship Prices

Level                                       Individual                   With Spouse

  1. Licensed Minister:           $91 per year                   $141 per year
  2. Ordained Minister:          $116 per year                 $191 per year

Five Year Prices                    Individual.       (Disc Amt.)     With Spouse   (Disc Amt.)

  1. Licensed                             $305               ($150)                 $555                ($150)
  2. Ordained                            $430               ($150)                 $805                ($150)

Seven Year Prices                 Individual     (Disc Amt.)     With Spouse   (Disc Amt.)   

  1. Licensed                                 $465                 ($172)              $787                ($200)
  2. Ordained                                $640                ($172)               $1137              ($200)


Ministers Testimonials

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