Summit Bible College is the best! The support from Graduate advisers, counselors, and instructors is incredible. They really care about their students. I highly recommend Summit Bible College to anyone wishing to further their education. Oh yeah, I couldn’t believe the graduation ceremony, truly amazing.
Thank you Summit! — Glen Farris

My journey to Summit Bible College began in the year 2011. During this season of my life, I was planning my future career as a nurse. I was on a cross road; on one hand I really wanted to be a nurse, and on the other hand my husband and family insisted that ministry was my calling. I couldn’t consider myself a preacher in a pulpit; that wasn’t what I saw myself doing.
I was referred by a friend to Summit Bible College. I walked in very nervous, because of the unknown territory I was about to encounter. Caitlin Hashim and Jay Mauser put me at ease, and immediately made me feel that I could do this. I was set on getting a Bachelor’s degree, however, Jay and Caitlin both reassured me that they believed that I could pursue a Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree. The whole time I attended SBC they continuously encouraged me and believed in my abilities. Little by little, I made friends and had wonderful instructors who truly had my best interest at heart. Every instructor made me believe in myself and made this schooling journey fun, interesting, exciting, and hungry for more.
I was happy to learn that I didn’t have to be a preacher in a pulpit; there were other options I could pursue, one of which was a degree in Christian Counseling. This would allow me to work one-on-one with people. Many individuals are hurting and need Jesus, prayer, and an ear to listen to them. They need someone to affirm that they are valuable to God, and that they aren’t going to go through this alone. This is what God has called me to do as a Christian Counselor! Summit Bible College staff and instructors graciously gave their all to help me achieve a goal that I honestly thought would be impossible. I have learned that God is the God of the impossible; He made a way when I believed that there was no way. Thank you SBC staff and instructors; I am blessed to have received a Summit Bible College education and degree. — Sally Tanus

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I started attending Summit in January of 09’ when I was 20 years old. Within my first year at this college I have found what I’m most passionate about, that is living for Jesus. It’s very common for people my age to lose themselves in their college years, but I have found myself! Summit is like a fountain of living water in my life; Jesus is here and ready to give us what we need to be healed, delivered and equipped to minister to those in need. The professors are the most positively influential and compassionate people I’ve ever had the opportunity to learn from. I encourage anyone who is looking to learn more about Jesus to come to this college and learn more about what the Lord has planned for them! — Caitlin Hashim

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My family made the long journey from the mission field in Malaysia to attend the graduation. It was a major milestone in my life! In 2000, my grades at Shepherd University in West Va were so bad, I was put on “permanent academic suspension.” I had a 0.6 GPA. My adviser there told me that “people like me” aren’t cut out for college and academics. Then I met Jesus….and my life has never been the same!
14 years later, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Doctor of Ministry, something I would never have imagined! It feels so weird to even say that. God is so unbelievably good! Thanks to my wonderful wife for being so supportive, and thanks to Summit Bible College and staff for the outstanding education. The blessings in my life are too numerous to count.
It was so encouraging to see so many graduates doing different things in their fields of ministry. God is really doing something with SBC and I plan to get behind SBC financially as an alumni. I believe in Summit! — Dr. Jason Hamilton

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What Summit provides is an opportunity to break out of the job mentality and into the ministry to become trained and prepared to lead and serve.

You may think it is quite amazing coming from a woman who could never abide by the rules of her term papers and lived in fear of failing because they were always too ‘wordy’ and exceeded the required number of pages, but I can only say two sentences for my testimony: “Thank you Jesus!” and “Look what the Lord has done!”

Those were my exact words when I received my diploma in the mail. When my eyes beheld the package with the Summit Bible College return address, I was like a kid opening her first Christmas present. I was home by myself, just God and me, and tears fell from my eyes when I saw the plaque! My first utterance was “Thank you Jesus!”

To put my experience of being a student at Summit Bible College in a more thoughtful sequence, I would say that He has taken the ashes from my life and glued them into a diploma. My mind is renewed in Christ. I have joy in my heart! The woman who carried many burdens and lived through many abuses is no more. Jesus has taught me His way. His burden is light and it is the sweetness of the Lord that I taste everyday led by the precious hands of those shepherds and teachers He has given to lead me.

I’m 41 and just beginning, and I thank all of the staff at Summit Bible College for their prayers, encouragement, and powerful curriculum.

In 1997, God called me to a three-fold ministry with an emphasis in Christian Counseling. I discovered Summit Bible College online and began my classes. SBC has helped me in two ways.

First, the courses offered by Summit are available to those who have a full-time job and with a tuition that is feasible to pay.

The classes are in-depth, and I have learned very important materials that help me not only on the counseling side but in every aspect of life. The courses are not easy and demand a lot of studying and paperwork.

Second, the courses provided by Summit Bible College have helped my relationship with Christ grow closer and more intimate. They emphasize prayer and Bible reading. They emphasize discipline in your Christian walk, and teach you how to reach out to a lost and dying world.

I would highly recommend Summit Bible College to anyone that needs not only a good education but an “on-growing” relationship with the Lord.

I enrolled with SBC as an undergraduate student studying for my Bachelor in Theology with a major in worship in January 2001. The subjects they offer are “age appropriate” and suit the world today, and my major helped me realize my dream in getting to know the art of praise and worship.

Since I am attempting to get this degree as a correspondent student, I save time on traveling. The staff at SBC are always there to support me with their prayers and answer my queries, which may or may not be based on the curriculum. I was credited with over sixty units prior to starting my degree, which means I should finish with a Bachelor’s in Theology in approximately one year.

SBC has become part of my extended family today. May God bless SBC!

The vision of Summit Bible College and its founder, Dr. Jeff Victor, is a vision that should be shared by every church and pastor in the world today.

I first heard of Summit by searching the Internet. I was looking for a Christian education program that would work in the church where I had been pastoring. We had a real need to train our people to fill leadership roles and to serve in the various ministries of the church.

We had people who were sincere and zealous to serve but were often young in the Lord or lacked a firm foundation in the Word. We also had people who were hungry for further study of the Word, more than they could get by only coming to regular services. Sending them to Bible college was not an option for us. Most had families and jobs and could not be uprooted. Some people are called to attend an anointed in-residence Bible college, but many are called to stay in their local church and receive training.

The distance learning programs I had seen used in the past were expensive and frankly, “dry.” The people ended up with credits but little life. Summit was a real answer to prayer. The Summit curriculum is not bound by one particular denomination, so they are free to select current books by the most anointed and gifted ministries available today. I saw the changes the program made in the lives of the students.

My eldest daughter earned her Associates degree from Summit in one year. It was a lot of work, but she was excited by the classes and experienced wonderful spiritual growth. She was able to do the program even with a new baby at home and duties of being a wife and mother. She was recently asked to preach in her home church. I have heard comments from many about how gifted and anointed she is. She accumulated and still uses the 20 textbooks from the classes in her personal library.

Everybody in the church who took the classes grew and was blessed. They are serving in ministry, active in church leadership, or ministering to people in the workplace. “By the fruits you shall know them.” I know the Summit program blesses and changes lives. Part of Summit’s vision is to keep the program affordable. It is likely the least expensive program available today.

Dr. Victor;

I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for the school. I have really learned a lot from you and your teachers. I personally believe God directed me to your school and I believe you have some of the best teachers in the country. It has been a great experience for me and I believe it has changed my life tremendously.

God Bless!

Robert Lands