This book is for class 211 The Fire of God in You

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Many of us draw our value from who we know, what we do and what we have. We battle guilt over mistakes we’ve made, anxiety about what the future may hold for us, or fear of disapproval from others and from God. Our time is consumed with a multitude of activities intended to bring approval and acceptance from others. Are you tired of seeking approval in superficial relationships? Do you long to experience the intimacy, joy and freedom that comes from being deeply connected, soul and spirit, with your Father God? If so, you must prepare yourself to “waste time” with God. By doing this, you will learn to love more compassionately, give of yourself more freely and take yourself less seriously. Furthermore, you will be able to break free from dependence on others for approval. You can stop your pretense and striving for approval, and instead, sitting quietly with your Father God, you can be confident that you are significant, accepted and loved.


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