This book is for class 610 Advanced Leadership

This class is combined with 514 Christian Leader

This book contains the following:

How does a Christian lead? By following today’s secular business models, or by simply studying the life of Christ and pursuing a servant-based style? In this insightful, practical book, the author has pulled together some of today’s top Christian leaders to talk about the subject of Christian leadership. Articles include: The Tasks of a Leader by Ken Gangel, The Character of a Leader by Jack Hayford, Prayer in Leading People by Peter Wagner, and much more. See what today’s leaders have to say about leadership, and learn what it takes to serve the Church as a Christ-centered change agent.

  • Nothing is more important than leadership
  • What leaders do
  • The vision thing
  • The character of a leader
  • Becoming a spiritually mature leader
  • Helping leaders grow
  • much more…..

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