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This course is a history on the Church in plain language which covers: Lutheranism, Protestantism, the age of reason and revival, the age of progress, a Christian in America, the age of ideologies, and the medieval & modern Church.

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This class includes pre-counseling engaged couples as well as analyzing temperaments, moderating remarriage procedures and special problems such as interracial challenges and dysfunctional marriages.

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This course reviews methods of worship including introduction to worship, praise, Abraham’s worship, warfare and worship, healing and worship, the Holy Spirit and worship, giving in worship, prophetic worship, David’s tabernacle of worship and more.

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This class focuses on how to open up a 501 c 3 organization. It includes the practical skills necessary, including forms, data, and contact information.

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This class reveals the sociological impacts of Christianity and how you can affect the world through developing an understanding that we are “in the world” but not “of the world”. It gives practical solutions and examples of how to change dead institutions like: politics, secular education, and mundane businesses. This is a core class for all Bachelor students.

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